Adoption Fees

At K9 Breeds Rescue, we charge adoption fees for several important reasons. Our main goal is to ensure the dogs in our care receive the best possible care and find loving forever homes. This requires significant financial resources, including food, shelter, medical care, and other essential supplies. By charging adoption fees, we can continue to provide these necessary resources and continue rescuing and caring for dogs in need. Additionally, the fees we charge help to ensure that our dogs go to homes where they will receive proper care and attention. This is because the adoption fee serves as a screening tool to ensure that potential adopters are financially capable of caring for a dog, and are making a serious commitment to providing a loving home for the rest of the dog's life. We believe that our adoption fees are a small price to pay for the joy and companionship that a rescued dog can bring into your life, and we are proud to continue our mission of rescuing and rehoming dogs in need thanks to the support of our community.

Our adoption fee is determined on a per-case basis. Our range is anywhere from $550-750 depending on the dog's medical needs.