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Age: 1.5 years

Breed: Heeler Mix

Sex: Female

Weight: 55 lbs

Energy Level: Medium. She can run for hours at the dog park but is also very calm in the house.

Good with kids? Unsure

Good with cats? Unsure

Good with other dogs? Selective



June had a very rough start to her life and wasn’t given many positive human interactions. I suspect she had a litter of puppies and after she was done nursing she was dropped off in the middle of nowhere to fend for herself. She was later trapped and brought into our care. We suspect she spent a good amount of time on her own. She came to us skinny, dirty and scared.

June went from a mourning dog that would try to bolt out of the house to a goofy, affectionate girl. 

June still has some areas of improvements but has come a long way already. June used to feel the need to protect her food dish but after having a regular routine of being around respectful dogs she has gotten over this. June needs to work on her confidence so she understands she does not always need to be on guard. One area that June is always on guard is the initial intro to other dogs. June tends to feel the need to protect herself and does best introduced once she understands the dog is not trying to hurt her. We don’t want this to prevent someone with a dog from adopting her because June has been successfully introduced to other dogs and loves them. Once started with a walk in close range and ended with a few butt sniffs, June tends to realize she is safe and doesn’t need to worry about being on guard. June just requires a more experienced handler to help her overcome this because we would like her to continue to work through her dog issues, as we know how much she loves to play with other dogs. 

Considering June’s past we are unsure of how she would be around children and would likely be ok with older children.

June has also not been cat tested. 

Our favorite thing about June is how goofy she is. She doesn’t need you to play with her toys, she tends to just entertain herself. If you take her to the water you will just need to sit back and laugh at her scuba diving skills because swimming is June’s favorite activity. 

June isn’t an overly energetic dog but if you don’t walk her she may continue to whine at you until you get the hint! A daily walk may not be required if she has a play mate! 

June also prefers a home where she is allowed to go on the furniture as it seems no matter how many times you tell her off she will end up right back on. She would love it even more if you were there to give her all the loving and affection ❤️.

 June’s adoption fee is $450 and includes her spay, vaccines, microchip and a general vet check. Please note this adoption fee also includes 6 weeks of a training program that June went through. 

The adoption application is located in the "Forms" tab!


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